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Look your best from hour 1 to 18…

HI Everyone!! I am so sorry It’s been SO long since I have written a blog! Well the good news is-this one is full of fun and useful information!!


As a flight attendant, what is one of your biggest struggles?

Besides change of time zones and lack of sleep, mine has always been the struggle to look as good at the end of my flight as I did at the beginning of it!  Sometimes I can’t even get to a mirror for a few hours depending on how busy I am.  Like everything else with this job, it has been a long learning process to accomplish this- but I got better as time went on!…I slowly picked up some tricks and the right products to make this happen and accomplish my goal of keeping  my makeup looking fresh and my hair in place! Because I love you all, and want EVERYONE to succeed at this job; I am going to share all of these with you as well as some products that really saved me!

First, you really must have a good skin care regimen because all of that dry air and sleep deprivation can really affect your skin (as well as your body and mind)!  Now this is the part where I won’t get too preachy. Skin care is such a personal preference based on everything from culture to your “stand” on animal testing ..

My  personal routine is basic but effective- for ME.  (it’s also animal friendly of course). Feel free to message me after this post if you are interested in hearing about my skin care routine!


Again, like with skin, your basic hair “care” is very subjective based on many factors such as your fundamental hair “type”.  I will suggest to EVERYONE- keep it moisturized like your skin!

De-fizzers are usually a key component. Elements like Humidity, precipitation, wind, and extreme dry air – can make the best hairstyles go nuts!  So, keep a good hair serum in your bag of tricks!  It can work like a hair spray if you have your hair slicked back in a neat ponytail and also keep it shiny and healthy looking!

Next get some great hair spray! Nowadays almost all brands come in travel size which is exactly what WE need! A small bottle that we can keep in our purse, or lavatory.

Make sure that you give some thought to a hair style that works with your job.  Something lower maintenance that will not take a lot of time in the am or when “fixing up” in flight. If you are serious about your job, you may consider changing your hair if it causes you too much stress at work!

Dry shampoo has also become a good friend of mine!  Not only between washings in general , but also sometimes I feel “greasy” on the plane from cooking and it really does the trick!

Lastly, bobby pins can be your best friend. No matter what your hair length or style, you can find a way to keep it in place with these little guys!


Find a FOUNDATION that is moisture based!  I prefer tinted moisturizer or BB crème.  If you are using a foundation- use a facial spray on top to set it! Also, use this throughout the flight to keep skin fresh!!

Your EYE LIDS really need powder based shadow because it will keep shadow and mascara in place longer! **There is a great product I will list later that is a powder shadow AND can be used as an under-eye concealer!!

(my favorite) EYE LASHES I really love extensions because you never have to think about your mascara running, coming off, or the applying/ taking off procedures!  The next best thing is a great lash boost product.  Yes, I have a favorite that I have been using and I love! Again, I will share at the end..
Finally, if you don’t like any of the above eyelash ideas than use a water proof mascara that won’t budge until you take it off!

LIPS- As much as I love eye lashes, I am super excited to share with you my lipstick discovery!! First, take care of your lips- exfoliate a couple times a week (you can use basic sugar for this), use non-wax moisture products at night and any time your lips are bare.

Always remove any lip color at night (using witch hazel or a warm cloth and a little moisture based cleanser).

** Lipstick- glosses are best to keep lips moisturized and NOW I have found the miracle lip color product!! A marathon lipstick that lasts ALL day. Very seriously it does!!  Now this piece of advice may be one of the best!  I fell in love with the product and how much time it saves me not having to re-apply!! I can add some gloss at my convenience a few times a day over it and not even have to look in a mirror doing it!


OK, so we covered hair and makeup. Last on my ‘tips of the trade’ to stay looking great –

how to keep your outfit looking its best!


Try your best to find wrinkle free fabrics! I have gotten really lucky finding some nice skirts and blouses that stay looking great!

Get a small container of static guard/ wrinkle guard to keep with you and spray clothes periodically.

I also keep a couple of extra pairs of hose in my bag in case of runs (that always seem to happen).

The stain sticks also can help so much!  Sometimes I use an apron too if I am dealing with sauces and lots of food prep.

I also prefer dresses to skirts/shirts because there is nothing to keep tucked in!!

Finally, give your shoes a nice wipe down periodically! was always so surprised how dirty they can get from little spills or dust on the street!


Now you look great and ready to do that 18-hour flight looking your best from start to finish!!

Ready for MY product list?!!  This list contains the products I ALWAYS use after years of trial!!


Hair products:

Argon oil hair serum by Josie Maran

Hair spray by moroccanoli or basic Tresemme

Dry shampoo by Lush

( I love leave in conditioners too, so many of them I love and really can’t go wrong with most of them)


make up products:

CC crème tinted moisture- Ole Henriksen Perfect truth™ CC crème broad spectrum SPF 30

Facial spray- Evian, dermalogica

Powdershadow/ concealer – by SeneGence (candlelight)

Lip color- LipSense by SeneGence

Gloss- glossy gloss by LipSense ( SeneGence)
lash boost- by Rodon and Fields


**The lipcolor products were truly my miracle find.. I recently started selling them because I loved them so much!  If interested in these, message me!




FLY SAFE And look great everyone!

With love,

Cobblestones and heels



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