Holiday spirit is In the Air!


If you work in aviation you know that there is a very good chance you WONT be home for the holidays.. Christmas morning with your family or even the whole week of Hanukkah may be spent in the air and in hotel rooms. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and help your passengers celebrate as well! I love decorating the planes I will work on , and making the trips extra special for my passengers and my crew.
Here are my Holidays on the road suggestions!

Decorating the plane:
1. First, know your “audience”. Find out what religion or culture they follow, or if they even do like holiday celebration! The last thing you want to do is have your wonderful plan backfire because you have insulted your passengers instead of making them smile.
2. There are so many fun Christmas items in the stores that make it easy to bring the holiday aboard your plane. I recently found a mini Christmas tree for the credenza and a small poinsettia for the lav! My passengers loved it ☺
Change up those traditional flower arrangements by Adding holiday berries, wreaths, or even just red and white roses!
3. Make your snack basket into something more festive with holiday treats such as organic candy canes, truffle boxes in small Christmas wrapped boxes, etc etc. Maybe tie a bow around the basket itself.
4. Bring out the holiday placemats, linens, and credenza liners that make things look bright and festive.
5. For charter flights maybe use some holiday throw blankets and pillows in the cabin as well.
6. Don’t forget your Holiday gift baskets! So many great ideas out there but gift baskets should be personal to your clients taste ( favorite wines, etc).
Holiday beverages :
1. Who doesn’t love eggnog? And luckily now its made in dairy free, coconut milk light, and many other varieties for your diet restricted pax. Sprinkle on some cinnamon and add a cinnamon stick to decorate and now you have a great boarding drink !
2. For the kids on the plane-There are so many recipes on the Internet these days for homemade hot chocolate found one I loved on –
Make sure to have whip cream on board ! which of course you can DIY in a second with real whipping cream, a little sugar, and a blender!
3. Hot apple cider is great for adults and kids – warm and inviting for boarding as well.
4. Holiday adult beverages like spiced eggnog, cinnamon martinis , and decorated champagne flutes are always fun!

Think warm food!
1. Its kind of chilly in most of the US right now and even if you are flying to the Islands or somewhere warm, you may be taking off from a colder climate- so warm meals and appetizers are a better choice. I am on a ramekin kick right now after observing a chef onboard make some great dishes baked into ramekins and served right now of the oven that way. IE. Shepard’s pie, chicken pot pie, mini casseroles, sweet potato pie! For appetizers- bacon wrapped dates ,creamy soups, or festive cheese trays adding a variety of jellies and jams ( I love fig butter). ! Also roasted meats like chicken, hen, or lamb are great this time of year! Remember your holiday garnish too!

Your crew:
Its tough for a lot of us to be away for the holidays . Keep our pilots in good spirits by taking some extra time to bring them holiday goodies! Home made cookies, specialty coffee, or their favorite snacks in Christmas stockings would be a nice touch!
On the road I highly suggest a crew holiday dinner together and maybe even secret Santa to make the time away from home feel less lonely. You have a family on the road too!

1. I know it may be hard to be away from the holidays but try to make the most of it if you are. As I mentioned above, spend some time with your crewmembers – they are lonely too.
2. Also bring some comforting things from home to make your hotel room less sterile. A warm fuzzy blanket, holiday pajamas, and your favorite teas and coffee incase you are taking advantage of room service and a day of solitude.
3. A spa day always cheers me up ☺
4. Maybe you are lucky enough to have relative or friends that live in the city you are staying in! Definitely take advantage of those awesome reunions! OR, another FA you know that may also be in the same location?
5. It may be possible to have a loved one fly out to meet you on your layover- if your pax are staying put- this always makes a trip special..

I wish all of you safe travels, and a lovely holiday wherever you may be spending it!

Love and best wishes,
Cobblestones and Heels


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Corporate flight attendant / travel coordinator Southern, CA. Originally from NY. but since home is where the heart is, mine is truly in the whole world. My favorite song and one i would dedicate to all my readers is: "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts"

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