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Planes NOT Automobiles


My husband faithfully watches the show “Top Gear”.. Besides the fact that he prefers BBC shows over American ones, he also (like most men), loves Cars…
To me, my car / automobile is how I get from point A to point B. I do have some preferences in regards to the model of car I prefer to drive (like an SUV over a sedan), but other than that, I have very little interest in Cars..
Now aircrafts on the other hand, I could read about and look at all day! I love everything about them, including the way they smell!
How did I come to love this mode of transport? First it was my love for travel, and then came my love and interest in the aviation industry. Because I was spending more time in planes than in cars or on the ground, I began to have a strong curiosity in all the different types of aircrafts that are out there, not to mention wondering how the heck they stayed in the air and battled mother nature everyday!

How they work
While I am not a licensed mechanic or pilot, I have taken the time to self educate myself on the mechanics of how and why planes fly! That research, coupled with the education I received working for a training center, has helped me become more knowledgeable and more comfortable spending so much time in the air and working in a plane for a living. I encourage everyone that steps foot on an aircraft to spend some time researching the mechanics of it all. It may even put your mind at ease if you have been a nervous flyer! The basics-In case you want to know: wings create lift, overpower weight/force of gravity. Engines create thrust/power,and compensate for drag(opposing direction of motion). They fly in a straight line and mostly at a constant speed. Now you are interested right?

My favorites
Since I have started working as a flight attendant, I have worked on 8 different types of aircrafts and within in those,-many different models. What are my favorites? Well, that has changed a bit over time. I use to LOVE Gulfstreams,.. Until, I worked on Falcons and Globals. I love the wider fuselage and don’t feel like I am walking a tight rope when I am trying to maneuver throughout the aircraft around obstacles such as feet, legs, and bags! I still have great respect for Gulfstreams and the company that manufactures them. I feel very safe in them and find most very “user friendly”. However, service is just easier in a wider aircraft!
While I am not a fan of commercial flying, and I do prefer corporate jets, I am even intrigued by the mechanics and technology of the “wide body” aircrafts such as Boeing 767s./ 757, etc. I have worked on many “reconfigured” wide-bodies and they honestly feel like being in a house in the sky! Equipped with master bedrooms, conference rooms, and even showers in the massive bathrooms (you cant even call these lavatories!).

“There there pretty plane..”

Each time I get on a new plane, I feel out its own “personality”. Similar to cars (and people), each aircraft has its own personal characteristics and “idiosyncrasies”. Although I cant (or wont) say I go around talking to aircrafts- I have this weird habit of seeing these inanimate objects as having human characteristics. So, the first thing I do when I get on-board an aircraft for the first time is walk around inside and “feel out” its personality. I also look for its “faults and scars”- things that don’t work or look right. Together, its personality and quirks become very important to me- I really feel that this silly practice of mine helps me to relate to the aircraft better and aids me in doing a better job.

I would love to hear from anyone that may also have a passion for aircrafts and see them the way I do!

With love and passion,
Cobblestones and Heels


Hotel room blues

7694cd4035b5b99841c421726e03d200There are times when we find ourselves on trips that end up in a place where we DON’T want to go outside and gallivant.. It may be “unsafe,” or just crappy weather.. So, we are now bound to our hotels for days on end! What do we do to entertain ourselves? How do we avoid cabin fever? -(Which can eventually turn into loneness and homesickness). Here are some things I do to avoid the “hotel room blues”..

First, I plan ahead. If I know I will be in that desolate place where I will be in my hotel / hotel room much more than I will be outside- I pack accordingly. I may bring my yoga mat, exercise videos, a good book, and my laptop. I happen to LOVE spas so I will research the hotel( and surrounding area) In which I will be staying, and see if there is a quality spa located there.

I also try to be productive and use this time to pay online bills, catch up on emails or phone calls, do my expense reports , plan catering for the next leg, and of course write blogs ☺
There is only so much TV watching I can do!

Its always an added bonus if you enjoy the company of your crew and can plan inside activities together.
Once I was flying with a pilot friend of mine and we were stuck in a very cold and rainy city. We decided to have a scrabble tournament in the lounge at our hotel and had the best day ever! We ordered tons of comfort food,( had a couple cocktails), and played scrabble for hours!
Another time I was completely alone ( in the middle of a crew change) and stuck in a hotel in the middle of nowhere.. It was a small town in Slovenia that happened to be known for one of the best spas! Jackpot!! After a few days of pampering myself I felt so relaxed and happy .. and grateful for the experience!

It is a necessity for corporate flight attendants to be resourceful and independent while on the job… why not put these characteristics to use for your own entertainment and find the silver lining to cabin fever situations! If you cant get OUT and see things, stay in and enjoy yourself!

I would love to hear YOUR favorite hotel room past times so please comment!

With Love,
Cobblestones and Heels

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