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My first Valentine’s Day blog…

The hallmark holiday called Valentine’s Day, isn’t just for lovers of the romantic sort.. It’s truly for ANYONE that wants a day to celebrate the love in his or her heart. That love can be for themselves, a pet, a partner, or a passion..
It bothers me that some people may feel lonely or sad on this day if they are not “ coupled up”. Of course the media is to blame for a lot of this with all the commercials, hype, and store bought items on the market that suggest this “holiday” is just for couples. The advertising SHOULD be expressive of love for anything or anyone you hold dear to your heart. For example.. I LOVE lot of things and people besides my spouse: Aviation, my dog, my friends, the gift of life, and myself (not in any particular order).. I can remember the day I fell in love with all of those things:
The day I met my dog and picked her out of a litter of puppies – I feel in love. The day I stepped foot on a private jet and worked my first trip- I fell in love. And the day I ran my first marathon, I fell in love with my self and the strength I had found in my mind and body. I also fear loosing these wonderful loves in my life so I try each day to remind myself of what they all mean to me.

I will also tell you that what sparked these words and this blog was the combination of a handwritten letter I received yesterday form my 11 yr old Goddaughter and A text conversation I had with her mom ( my best friend). The letter and conversation made me remember how much I love them and how sad I was that it had been too long since I have seen them, and some other dear friends of mine that live across the country.. So, what did I do? I bought a plane ticket for NY -I will see them in two weeks ☺.

I would Love for everyone that may be reading this to make a list this Valentines Day of all of the things or people in your life that you LOVE.. And then celebrate with as many of those things or people, as you can.. Go do what you love with those you love,,, even if that means just you and your lovely, special self…
That’s it…
With All MY LOVE,
Cobblestones and Heels

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