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To brief or not to brief.. that is the question!

In corporate aviation, the FAA states (in the FARs) that it’s the responsibility of the caption ( PIC) to ensure a passenger briefing is given for part 135 and part. 91 operation.. Funny thing about the FARs.. they are widely open to interpretation. This topic specifically has brought some of the most controversial conversations that crew members could have. For instance: Many pilots will say; “ corporate cabin attendants are not suppose to give pax ( passenger) briefings because they are not legally required to be on the A/C in the first place and are not actual crewmembers”. Others will say; “ If asked by the PIC to give a pax briefing than they must do so”. Many new ( and veteran )cabin attendants are tremendously confused on their role, expectations, and legality of what they can/ cant , and should/ shouldn’t do when it comes to this subject. They leave initial or recurrent cabin safety training where they are told to “ give a pax briefing”, only to get into the “real world” and be told by the Capt, :” no that’s not your job. You are here for cabin service and assist in safety related matters”. In some aspects EVERYONE is right… “Cabin attendants” are NOT governed by the FAA and are NOT certified flight attendants that are required by any government law to carry out those duties on an A/C. However, The PIC is the final authority on an aircraft and can assign that duty to whomever he /she wishes. Part 91 operation can also substitute a briefing card for a verbal briefing of information.. Are cabin attendants even “allowed” to give this card out??!! ( I was being dramatic with that last statement –yes we should be fine providing briefing cards to the cabin).
In the big picture, if we are trained for cabin safety, than we are expected to perform “safety related duties” and doesn’t that include a passenger safety briefing??
Now, if you work for an operation that puts you through additional training that does turn your title into a “flight attendant” status, THEN you are required to follow FAA rules including giving a pax briefing!
I actually hold an certification of an official flight attendant because I started in commercial, but even holding that card, I am still considered a cabin attendant for most of my assignments…

I really wish I could sit here and tell you what the official right answer is but the truth is, I have yet to meet anyone that could tell ME… I have been trained to do this briefing and to teach others to, but I honestly believe the jury is still out on an official word..
I would LOVE an FAA Agent to read this and respond.. If that’s not gonna happen, I will continue my hunt for the final word on this…
I welcome any ones comments!!!!

Fly safe,
With love,
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