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“Its in your blood”

At the end of my email signature, I have always included a quote-
“when once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return” by Leonardo De Vinci”. I read it once a long time ago and just really liked it. Recently, I was having a conversation with a co- worker (pilot instructor), who was telling me that he stopped flying to be at home with his little kids.. which is a very noble and respectful thing to do.. But as he was saying it, I saw in his eyes, the same look I see in every crew member I know who has ever gotten the career truly ” in their blood” Myself included! Sure, I can find happiness in other aspects of the aviation industry in terms of a job, but nothing.. and I mean NOTHING- can ever replace that love for being in the skies.. The extensive travel, the uncertainty/excitement of what the day will bring, the view at 45,000 ft above the rest of the crazy world, and the gift of experiencing temporarily living a million different places in one life time. I swear I could write pages and pages of my own reasons!
When new or aspiring flight attendants contact me asking me tons of questions about my job and “how one gets started”, I am just as excited as they are because I can relate to how they are feeling, and so happy for them to have found this career. Right now, I am living vicariously through them as they write me on their trips and tell me the tales of their new experiences. I want them to succeed as if they were my own family, because in a way they are..
In my opinion, Flight Crew are like “blood sisters and brothers” because that is where the passion for flight travels through them and only those who have it flowing through their veins- know what its truly like.

I would love any flight crew to send me your comments and thoughts on this.. Share your passion for flight with all of us!! Give me your favorite reason why you love your job!!

With Love,
Cobblestones and Heels


Clearing the “Air”..

The November issue of Ranch & Coast Magazine was gracious enough to highlight my blog, include a great photo of me, and add my input on “flying Private”.
However, After reading the final print, I feel the need to clear up some points that were made, that did not exactly flow from my mouth..
I have high lighted below the sections of the article I want to clear up so nothing is mis-interpreted..
1. “breeze through the airport”- while it is true that private jet passengers do not stand in TSA lines, or even enter the main terminal at all ( domestically), they do still go through a scanning process. They are also checked through the “no fly list”, to make sure there are no issues with their background.
2. “travel with luggage”– Although it is true that these VIP passengers are not charged extra for luggage,and do not have someone rummaging through them, there is still a weight and balance issue for the aircraft so it is NOT true that “weight limits don’t apply”.
3. “enjoy the view”– Private planes DO in fact adhere to the same flight restrictions as commercial when it comes to altitude and flight plan. The ATC will inform the aircrafts where and when they can fly. This is NOT up to passenger preference, especially after 911. What these passengers CAN control flying private, is the “approximate “time of their departure and arrivals in their destination city. ( they are not bound to commercial flight schedules).

I would never want my readers to misinterpret anything, or have any inaccurate information. Sooo, while this magazine had great intentions, the contact pertaining to ” benefits of private jet travel” was not written by me nor were my words precisely quoted.

The magazine is a great read though, in the big picture…

with Love ( and always honesty),
Cobblestones and Heels

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