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A well deserved monument..

Historically, all of the great leaders, athletes, and life altering events have monuments somewhere to symbolize their importance. There are many heroes in this world- in every profession.. They may not have ended or started a war, or had the highest batting average, but they have still accomplished amazing feats in everyday life. Flight attendants are a perfect example of this. Commercial or corporate, we all go to work with the goal of hard work, providing the best customer service, and with the knowledge that we may have to save someones life, or even loose our own. Its NOT an easy job, nor is it always a safe one. But for those of us that choose to do it- we all love it, for everything that it is.
I recently saw an article that made me feel really good. A monument that will be put up for flight attendants. Specifically for those Flight attendants of the 911 tragedy. I also see this as a monument for all of us- a reminder of what our job is about, the hard work we put into it, and the risks we take everyday that we board our planes to go to work.

For specific details on this 911 monument, see the article below:

God bless,
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When beating down doors isn’t working…

No one, including myself, ever said that becoming a corporate flight attendant was easy. In fact, can be just the opposite. After investing in trainings, and resume building, networking, and repeatedly visiting every FBO and Jet operator in your geographic area.. What is there left to do?

Crew staffing agencies could be your answer. Companies such as: Aircare Crews and Jet Professionals are two of the best. Of course you have to go through a process with them as well, but once you are accepted, you WILL work. Keeping the jobs and getting repeat clients will be up to you and your job performance of course..

So what do these agencies do?

First, they are a resource for clients looking to staff planes with full time and contract flight attendants and pilots. Their clients are looking for “ the best of the best”, and these staffing companies is often where they go for this.
Second, They help YOU get a job and make it less tedious for you than the process of making call after call, sending email after email to operators, etc. They have your full profile and will fit you to the right opportunity.

What are they looking for in an Business aviation professional?

The staffing companies need to maintain a reputation to stay in business and keep their clients. This means that they will not just accept anyone that is looking for a job. You must have approved safety training, a clean background, drug free, experience in outstanding customer service, communication skills ,and an overall great attitude. ( just to name the basics).

What happens if they turn you down?

If you are brand new with limitations in the above requirements, chances are good that they will turn you down. But they will also advice you to get what you need and then return down the road for consideration. If this happens, don’t be discouraged. And it doesn’t mean you wont get a job without them. However, the requirements that they have are pretty standard to what any corporate jet company may be looking for.
My advice, Take a look at their websites and make sure you have “ your ducks in a row” before applying anywhere. When you do, you will have a much better chance at landing a job in this amazing industry!

As always, Feel free to contact me for further questions.

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Asked out by client’s assistant!

I received this email today from a flight attendant currently on a trip..

I am currently on a trip in Europe. I need your advice!
This is the situation: I am flying a client that I have flown a few times over the last year. He is a CEO of a major banking company. His assistant, who often fly’s with him often, is about my age. Upon landing today, he gave me his card and asked me to dinner! I didn’t know what to say, I just took the card! What should I do???”

Hi Sandy,
I just saw your email and sensed your urgency so I wanted to get back to you ASAP
First, take a deep breath and don’t get too worked up., this does happen.. Kind of often! I get a feeling that under other circumstance you would probably go out with this guy? The thing is, if you do, it can have bad repercussions on your career. First, the lead pax ( the CEO), will obviously know. He may look at you as less professional and maybe even a liability so to speak. Or, he could take it as an invitation to do the same some time.. Either way is not good. Second, the pilots will find out and they will most likely throw you under the bus, or at the very least give you a “good talking to” because company policy most likely states you are not allowed to socialize with the passengers. Third, it will damage your reputation with other operators. This is a small community and word travels fast..
My advice to you is this: politely turn down the invitation. Don’t call or write him, just let him know on the next flight that it’s against policy. And to cover yourself in case he is upset about it, let the captain know that he asked you out and you declined. The bottom line is : on this job, you could meet a lot of wonderful people, unfortunately, you just can’t date them.
Now ,if you are a contract flight attendant and not employed by the CEO…And if you happen to run into this guy on the street somewhere, outside of this trip ( back in the states), than maybe its meant to be. ☺ .

I hope that helped. Feel free to contact me anytime ☺ “

I wanted to share this situation with you all because it will come up from time to time. Maybe there are crews out there that may handle this differently and if you have additional advice for Sandy, feel free to send it to me and I will pass it on!

With love,
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My recent interview with The Azumano Travel Show

Recently I was a guest ( form the second time), on a talk radio show called ” The Azumano Travel show”. The topic was some basic advice for new flight attendants starting their career journey.
Here is the recorded segment. Enjoy!


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