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First flight!

I still remember how nerve racking my first private jet charter flight was! I was worried about EVERYTHING and didn’t sleep the night before!
Its also exciting and exhilarating to get to that point, and start the adventure of being a corporate flight Attendant.
I love receiving emails from new FAs heading out on their first trips! And I love giving them advice to assist them in having the best first trip possible and help minimize their worry!!
I wanted to share one of these emails, and the advice I gave!

Jeannie writes:

Dear Kathryn,
Today I was called for my first trip.. I don’t have all the details yet however I do know departure is at 10am with four pax to LAS and the company is taking care of the catering order …. whew 😉 Are there any tips you may have, as this is my first flight flying privately?

Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me over the last few months. It is finally coming to fruition! “


Hi Jeannie!!
I am home right now, and wanted to get back to you ASAP because I am so excited for u!!
First, be yourself! Be friendly, professional, and as perceptive as possible.. Give them their space but keep an eye on them from afar (when U aren’t serving) to make sure glasses aren’t empty etc. .. Check in, but not too much.
Speak to them when they speak to you only.. Unless its to ask if everything is “ok “ or see if they need anything. – You never want to be one of those servers that is always hounding people … These clients like friendly but NOT “chatty Cathy’s ” Remember: One of the reasons they fly private is for privacy and space!
When u get in the air, check in with them as soon as you are at walking altitude to inquire when they may want to eat so u can plan that out accordingly.
Serve the lead passenger (s) first.. If there are couples on board, my advice is to give the women more attention than the men. Of course- the principle passenger, man or woman, should receive a bit more attention, but generally speaking, this will make the women on board more comfortable with you.
Also, treat the pilots well! Make sure they always have what they need, I always make sure my pilots are ” fed and watered” lol..
Have a boarding snack, and if its a pleasure trip not business (to LAS), than have a cocktail for them or offer them one pre- board ! ( as long as its allowed by the pilots ).
If you are departing at 10 am, you may want to call the FBO tonight to reserve your newspapers because chances are that they can all be gone to earlier flights!

Here is an idea, instead of laying the newspapers / periodicals out flat, roll them up and tie with some nice ribbon! Any special touches are appreciated.

I hope that helps! Contact me with any further questions you have!”

Best wishes for everyone’s first flight! And feel free to write to me with any questions that may come up for you all!

Fly safe,
Cobblestones and Heels

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To cook or not to cook… that is the question

As a corporate flight attendant, meal service is the most important part of my job. My passengers expect 5 star meals on their flights, even if the flight is 30 min in length! In order to produce this; careful planning, creativity, and resourcefulness on the road is very important. As providers of this service, flight attendants/ cabin servers, have some options. One, they can order from a VIP catering company, Two, they can order meals from a restaurant, and three, they can COOK.

Reasons to COOK-

The obvious: Fresh food

Now each flight is different so depending on your circumstances, you may have no choice than to order something from catering and have it delivered or do a quick pick up from a restaurant, However, if time permits, I believe that cooking fresh, “ made to order” meals is really your best bet. Not only are catering companies SO over priced, but they also may have made your meal the night before- which means the re-heating process is done in a microwave or oven on-board, and usually a day or so after it has already been made! Would you want steamed veggies re-heated or a day old salad? Personally, I want to serve my passengers the best quality and freshest food that is possible! This applies to all meals! For instance, for breakfast I will use a skillet on-board to cook fresh omelets or a bring a toaster – for bagels with cream crease. For lunch, who would want a soggy sandwich when it is so easy to make them up on-board? Even a steak comes out better cooked on a plane so it is prepared exactly the way a client may want it.

The cost factor

It saves your company or client money if you can provide this type of service. And lets face it, money saving is important to everyone, even those flying on private jets! Personally, I think its ridiculous to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a fruit tray or sandwich platter! Trust me, over the years I have done the price comparison between buying my ingredients at “Whole Foods” and preparing my own meals, to ordering from some jet catering company.

Mistakes can happen

Another reason I prefer cooking is to control or limit the human mistake factor of others. There have been MANY times that I have ordered meals and upon their arrival to the plane I realize they forgot some important items or completely messed up the order. At that point, you may not have time enough to reorder or even shop yourself. If I bought my own ingredients, I know I have everything I need!

Reasons some may not cook

Many flight attendants may not be up for this- Maybe they are new on the job or are just so use to calling a caterer, they don’t feel confident cooking.
They may have been trained from the get go to just simply order something and have never built up cooking skills.
I have also heard that some companies are fearful or making their clients sick by having the flight attendant cook, and instill this fear into them. Is it possible that you bought produce or meat that is not so fresh?? Absolutely. But you run that risk from a caterer or restaurant as well. They may not have even cooked it thoroughly either!

I feel that the trend is now going towards more flight attendants cooking meals on-board themselves.. So, my suggestion to all of you that may not feel comfortable cooking- start taking some cooking classes! Ask your Boss/ supervisor etc. if you can expense these classes! If not, its great investment for you because it will give you that extra edge when job hunting to say that you have culinary skills!
As always, if you have an opinion, or question about this- Please feel free to comment! I welcome the discussion!

With Love,
Cobblestones and Heels

Book adventure

For the last year i have been working on a book project! Its a special collection of my blogs including new and Favorite oldies, plus, an extra “secrets” chapter..
I invite you to have a look and possibility lend your support and be involved with its finished product!

Cobblestones and Heels.