How important are looks in Corporate Aviation ?

Recently I commented on a posting on a social/ professional site that was advertising a new flight attendant for hire. Part of the head line was ” she is a model”.. there was also a head shot of her- which is not what i had the problem with. The only issue I had was that in spite of the fact that there was already a picture there, the person posting it still felt the need to “advertise” her LOOKS as a selling point for employment.
Now I am not in denial of the world we live in. I understand that looks MAY assist with a first interview, but there are SO many women and men out there competing for work in this industry. Ultimately, you could be a supermodel and that is not going to secure you a job or even an interview if you lack skill, proper training, as well as something other than looks- that makes you stand out. Not to mention, once you get yourself on a plane for an assignment, looks will NOT do your job for you. Your face will not accomplish creating and serving 5 star meals. It will not help you meet the needs of your passengers and supply them with outstanding customer service they are expecting. The attributes you need in order to be successful in the career (of a corporate flight attendant), honestly have nothing to do with how you look..
I was not trying to ruffle any feathers with my comment on the site, I simply felt the need to point this out because I have respect for what I do and I want new flight attendants to understand that if you want a job that is based on how you look, then be a “model”, or “something else”, don’t pursue a position in this industry by leading with a sexy picture or a resume full of jobs that have nothing to do with service. If your true goal IS to become a model or actress and think that you will have an opportunity to meet high profile people and be “discovered” through this avenue, think again. These passengers on board want their meals, drinks, and space. Nothing will piss them off faster than to have some cabin server trying to push a portfolio on them..I mention this because I have heard the stories and know how they ended!
In addition, If you are seeking employment help for a true corporate flight attendant position, do your research into professional “aviation crew” recruiting companies or people that have a great reputation and can lend some educational/helpful guidance.
My personal advice: If you see someone advertising flight attendants by their looks, or asking you for multiple photos of yourself for employment consideration, stay clear!!

What SHOULD you have on your resume?
1. approved professional safety trainings
2. culinary trainings and skills
3. lots of customer service experience
4. additional skills and knowledge that will make your resume pop out from the pile!

AND- references and recommendations from people that can a test to your professionalism, skills, and hardworking personality!! I actually attach this list to my resume to save people time from asking!

Fantasy :

With Love,
Cobblestones and Heels


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