“Lets Rock and Roll”


Recently someone had asked me what my “favorite” trip has ever been working in private aviation.. For a minute, a million trips flashed before my eyes and I didn’t even know how to answer that! But then, I smiled at the thought of one in particular that I have always cherished ☺ . At this point I can say it was a blast, but At the time, it was also hard as hell.
It was a 4 week Tour: Lots of hours flying from city to city, state to state across the US. Sometimes flying in the middle of the night or even twice in one day.. And, the catering requests each day was more challenging than I had yet to experience…If you haven’t guessed already- yes, it was a Rock and Roll band. 80s band to be exact (without naming names). I happen to absolutely LOVE that era of music and was a fan of this band already, so I was super excited to get the call for this trip…

Pre-trip “fun”

The trip was scheduled to start a couple of days after it was first assigned to me- Not a lot of time to prepare for this sort of trip- mostly due to the fact that the request list was like a kids wish list to Santa! It went on and on, and I was laughing to myself at some of the things I had to pick up.. I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt on a candid camera show! Now I don’t want to stereotype rock stars, However, there has been a common theme to all of the ones I have worked with.. No offense to them at all. They just “want what they want” and every member of the band wants completely different and unique things. (So there is that)..
After a couple of days of heavy shopping, it was finally the night before we were suppose to depart. I was in the middle of my own packing when I received a call informing me that the trip was postponed a few days because one of the members of the band was not feeling well..” He had a cold…and needed rest… and needed a massage… etc. etc”. . Yes they told me all of this so I could be aware and pick up extra “cold remedy” items for when we resumed the trip schedule.
I threw out about a quarter of my shopping, and began preparation again a few days later.

Departure Day
On departure day, I drove to the FBO with a car full of groceries and luggage.
It took about 4 hours to prep the plane and get organized before their arrival, but once the caravan of cars pulled up to the plane, the adrenaline rush took away the exhaustion and I couldn’t wait for them to board!
Now I don’t want to give too many details about the individuals (due to confidentiality) but I will say they are a very unique group(As a whole, and singly). Generally speaking, all rock stars or musicians have specific images they are trying to portray, but with some, its not even an act.. They just seemed to be “eccentric “ and have extremely interesting idiosyncrasies (as my mom would say). Which, I guess, makes them the artists they are -right?! Having said all that, their individual demeanor’s were entertaining to me from the start ☺
The passengers included all the band members and the manager. One of which, was a female :). This i was happy to see because it was my first trip with a large group of men, let alone rock stars. I was not sure what to expect.
They were also older, which means a couple of things in the Rock and Roll world- One, they do not party too hard anymore, because, well, they physically cant! (That I found comforting). Two, these guys are also somewhat of nostalgia to themselves ☺. They want to be treated like they were years ago- pretty much like Rock and Roll royalty!
And remember the sick band member that had delayed the start of the trip?! Well he was just plain entertaining. The other guys teased him about being a “sissy”, but he could care less. He totally wanted to be babied from day one. He was actually hoping there was a nurse on board- yes for his “cold.” Ha Ha

On the Road Again

I have to say, They were all super nice and respectful to me.. “Prima donnas”.. but nice.
Each day on the road was an adventure. The scavenger hunts for their crazy catering and snack requests never ended, the hours long, and sleep was seldom, but each day the guys made me laugh so hard that the trip started to feel more like fun than work. The pilots and I were even blessed with concert tickets for a couple of the gigs.
The best part of it all, every day that they boarded the plane, they would have the same line for me: “ lets Rock and Roll Kathryn!” I got so use to hearing that I began to look forward to the words.. it seemed to set the tone for a fun flight each day ☺

The end of the Road
4 weeks later, it was time fly them to their last show and part ways.
On the last day, the lead singer handed me a Band T-shirt, which each one of them had signed for me. And of course, they instructed me to wear it to the final show ☺.

That trip was years ago and I can still remember every detail, and each time I hear them on the radio, the memory makes me smile ☺

With Love,
Cobblestones and Heels


About cobblestonesandheels1

Corporate flight attendant / travel coordinator Southern, CA. Originally from NY. but since home is where the heart is, mine is truly in the whole world. My favorite song and one i would dedicate to all my readers is: "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts"

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  1. That was an awesome story!

  2. thanks Donna 🙂 glad you enjoyed it.. the trip was amazing.. one of a kind for sure!!

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