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Crew meals ?!

I received another wonderful question from one of my fans( who is also a new flight attendant), that I thought would make a great topic of conversation. It concerned not the passengers but the crew. And, since they are the ones flying us safely around the world, they definitely deserve some blog time 🙂

March 5
Patti writes:

“I’m new to 135, and looking for some good “crew meal” ideas. I bet you probably have, or could write your own cook book! Any ideas?”

Cobblestones and Heels:
” Always ask them first. Pilots can be as picky as passengers! Also. Don’t try to go crazy with them. They will either be super easy and just want sandwiches or extra catering , or they will tell u exactly what they want. By nature they are habitual kind of people. Most eat the same stuff ( by choice ) when they fly.
Just make sure what ever you give them is good quality and you make sure they don’t go hungry or thirsty. Check on them every 1/2 hour to 45 min depending on the length of the flight! And prior to each trip or leg, ask them again what they want and need.
If they want a sandwich , I make them fresh on board and very meaty!
Does that help?”

My answer to Patti was basic but true to my experience and opinion.
In the beginning of my career, I tried to plan out special meals for the pilots like I would do for my passengers, and each time, the responses I received were: ” I am easy, let over catering or a sandwich is fine”, or ” please get me…”. it was one or the other. So finally, I decided to leave the crazy meal planning for my passengers!
If any flight attendants or pilots have anything they want to add to this or contradict, please comment 🙂

With love,
Cobblestones and Heels..

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