The private jet and its interior decorator..

Ever wonder who designs the decor and interior of the private jets flying around?
Well I wondered the first time I stepped on one..
The recliners, divans ( couches), tables, carpentry, counter tops, etc etc.. who is responsible for creating and configuring these beautiful aircrafts I wondered? Wait for it.. here is the answer!!

Personal ownership
Similar to decorating your house, office, or any other personal space, private aircraft owners typically hire an interior decorator for their aircraft as well. After they purchase an aircraft, providing it was pre-owned, and they want to make changes, they design their own personal style and hire the professionals to complete the job. Sometimes its minor changes like upholstery or carpets,or it may be the entire inside that is gutted and re-done. People want their own personal style to come through, even on their private jet.. must be nice right?!
When purchasing a new aircraft, similar to purchasing a new car, the owner can order it exactly the way they want it so it will be delivered with the interior already suited or “outfitted” for them. Many aircraft owners also love to have their personal sigma on towels, blankets, and even dishware. Believe me, I have seen it all!

Corporate-owned aircraft’s
When corporations like Net jets, Jet suite, or Honda Jet, order or re-design an aircraft they own, they hire global brand companies such as BMW to design their interior.. There are many designer companies out there that cater to corporate jets exclusively. ( refer to my links below for details and related articles).

What does “reconfigure” mean?
To “reconfigure” an aircraft, means a lot more than just replacing the carpet.. This term refers to actually ripping out the entire interior and changing the configuration of the seats and space to suit a different purpose or owner.
For example, I fly many trips on Boeing VIP 767 or 747s. Many of These planes were once used for commercial airline use, but now bought by a private owner. They are gutted and changed so instead of having 200 normal seat; it has living rooms, bed rooms, conference rooms, kitchens, ETC.This huge plane now may only seat 30 ( at most) passengers ,even though it was originally designed to seat hundreds!
Every time I step on one for a job, I am always initially overwhelmed. While the Gulfstreams and challengers i work on are luxurious and beautiful, These super heavy VIP aircraft’s are truly amazing.

What does this private jet makeover cost?
I am sure you can only imagine the price to reconfigure or re-design the interior of a private jet. And you are right if you are thinking it can cost millions. Even small parts like a sink faucet can be a thousand dollars on a private jet!
This is why, the utmost finesse and care must be taken when working on or even riding on these planes.
I once wrote a blog on “corporate etiquette” and mentioned being considerate and careful while on board… now you know why!!
AHH.. it all comes together 🙂

For more detailed description of private jet make-overs, please refer to to following links!

Enjoy and dream!

with love,
Cobblestones and Heels>


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  1. I just love the aircraft seating it’s so me when I win the lotto (i’m from Uk) This is where designers are so good……Steve

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