My interview with Carol Martin: CEO of Sit’N Stay Global

The Company
Those of you that stay abreast of the latest news in either the aviation or pet industry, may have heard of this new and flourishing company called Sit ‘N Stay Global. It is a luxury pet service that transports pets and their owners to their destination in style, comfort, and most importantly; safety. The safety protocols on-board are parallel to those of protocols followed for people! (more about that later).
The service is geared towards private jet flyers that want to travel or transport their pet in the safest way possible and may also want first class pet care services on the ground at their travel destination.
When I first heard the basics of this concept, I was intrigued. I proceeded to roam around the website and watch the interview aired on HGTV. “Posh pets”. .
Now, being the inquisitive person I am, a well as a corporate flight attendant, and pet lover, I needed to know more! I hunted down the CEO /owner of this new company, and contacted her- in hopes of meeting and learning all the details!

The Woman
Carol Martin, (owner of Sit ‘N Stay Global and seasoned corporate flight attendant,) accepted my connection on LinkedIn. That’s where it started.
She politely answered my questions, and agreed to meet with me “in the near future” to discuss everything in person. After a few weeks our schedules finally coincided and we connected again through email to arrange a meeting. She suggested making it a fun day of wine tasting and Lunch in the beautiful vineyards of Temecula, CA. First, I love wine tasting so I was definitely in! Second, I was so grateful to her for offering to take the time to meet me. I knew from her emails alone, that she was not your ordinary pet lover/ business owner. Her warmth and gracious manner shined through her emails and I could not wait till our meeting!

The Meeting
It was a very hot day in Temecula, CA the day we met. We arranged to meet at the Wilson Creek winery and discuss the details of Carol’s company over lunch and some yummy wine. I was not sure what carol looked like, but I knew she was a corporate flight attendant so I immediately recognized her just by the classy, well put together look she had, and the warm smile on her face.
I was chomping at the bit to get all the details so I just dove in. I started with questions about her safety-training program and protocol on the plane.
I Was amazed to learn that she had every base covered: oxygen masks ( in different sizes), pet flotation devices( in case of a water ditching), pet seat harness, pet CPR/ First aid equipment, pet safety briefing card (for the parents to follow along with instructions), and even designated pet brace positions! Carol herself is trained in pet CPR/ first aid, and other specified courses. Any flight attendant that works for her must also be trained and qualified by her specific training program.
Adding to all of the safety features, carol provides the following:
1. first class meal service, with gourmet catering!
2. pet entertainment such as interactive games, live-streaming of DogTV, pet video games, and a variety of pet toys.
3. a system in place for “potty time”, placing the pets in a designated area and in such manner that they feel comfortable to “do their business”, with leaving no odor left detected in the jet cabin.
4.For “nap time”, carol makes sure that the pets are warm and cozy to catch up on their snoozing!
5.. And finally, she provides “pet nanny service for pet pawrents” at destination.
There is not one detail overlooked for these special pets.

As I sit and listen intently, I am thinking to my self, Wow! I have never heard of anything like this in allmy years of flying! As the owner of two dogs, and general pet lover across the board, I was so impressed by the details of this service and by the woman who started it all!
We ended our meeting with an exchange of helpful information, and a tentative plan to meet up again ☺

I have now made a plan myself to take pet CPR/first aid, not only for the benefit of my own pets, but the ones I will encounter on my future working flights!


For more information about “Sit’N Stay Global”, visit the website at:

Interested in a pet CPR/first aid course? Visit:–cpr-classes.html


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