Traveling with your significant other!!

So – your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, summer fling, etc. want to go on a “romantic getaway”…or even just a mini vaca..

   At first, this suggestion sounds GREAT!!  A Vacation together!! Ya HOO!!!(Especially to new relationships). You all have this fantasy about what you think it should be like. But the reality is,. Depending on the dynamics of the couple, it really could go one way or another… You all pretty much know what I am talking about.

 The good ones are harmonious and problem free. You both want to do the same activities, see the same sights, have the same sleeping and eating schedule, and neither of you freak out on public transportation..

Then, some couple trips can go south really fast….. The stress of travel can take its toll on the majority of us, and if proper measures are not taken ahead of time.. your vacation could become  a week of fighting or even a breakup.

  Based on personal experience, and the experience of my traveling clients –

   Here are my tips and best advice on traveling with your loved one…
first, there is always one of you that actually enjoys traveling planning, and is good at it. I suggest that both of you make a decision together on where and when to go away, but then agree on letting the “travel planner” handle a lot of the major details.

Once you have made the flight reservations, gotten the train tickets, booked the hotel accommodations, rental car arrangements, etc  (print and have two copies of all itineraries). Both of you should be aware of your travel arrangements.  Then make a FLEXABLE daily plan for activities. Decide ahead of time on a few things you would both enjoy doing together. That way, you don’t have the stress of ‘on the spot’ decision making of- who wants to do what.. Trust me, this little detail can set a bad tone for your entire trip..

Third, If it is a new relationship, spend some time talking with each other about your own personal interests, travel habits, favorite dining choices, etc.- all the little things that the other person may not know- And should find out ahead of time!

If you have been together “forever”, then discuss your last vacation a little. What came up that caused issues so history won’t repeat itself! Also discuss if you want some alone time. Ie spa days, golfing, shopping, etc something that the other person may NOT be in to. Agree to set this time aside so the vacation can be mutually enjoyable.

Forth, take all the preparations for general “stress free traveling”, that I have mentioned in previous blogs.  If you haven’t read them before, now is the time!!

Fifth, and one of my personal favorites, don’t discuss any heavy topics on your vacation. This time should be for total peace and tranquility. Leave “reality” behind for a few days. .

And finally, remember that is the vacation is for both of you. It should be a mutually relaxing, enjoyable time where one person does not feel like they are on the other person’s vacation!!


Bon Voyage!!


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