Tips for making commercial flying less stressful

I must say, I am not a fan of commercial travel… At all. Unfortunately, while I may work on private jets, my personal travel is commercial :(. So, I do everything I can to limit the stress and tedious steps that get me from my home to my final destination….

First, I highly suggest booking far in advance, 3 weeks to 2 months out. And on a tuesday when the booking prices are the lowest. Also, Travel insurance / flexible tickets are a good idea.. Things happen and plans may change….Book your rental cars, hotels, etc the same way.
24 hours prior, print your boarding passes and your checked luggage tags.
And, If you can avoid checking your luggage, do so! Use a multipurpose garment bag that can fit in the overhead bin and your non liquid cosmetics in your smaller carry on ( or a larger purse).
On the topic of cosmetics and “carry ons”, leave your good stuff at home. I like to bring cleaning cloths and multi- use face creams to make things easier. Travel size shampoos and conditioners of my favorite brands, and then I use the hotel lotions.
Don’t wait til the night before to pack. You will be thinking all night if you forgot something.. Pack a few days before and then the night before just double check.
Schedule a pickup van to bring you to the airport. They are cheaper than cabs, and are door to door service.. And very reliable. (again, we are trying to avoid stress!).
When you arrive at your airport, you should already have your paperwork, and, unless you are dropping off luggage for checked baggage, you should be able to proceed directly to the security line..
Ugh, the dreaded security lines, ! Ok, to cut down on the stress of this procedure, make sure you: wear slip on shoes, no belts, jeans with bling, or have any metal that will detain you and be cause for a pat down! Make sure you have checked your carry ons ahead of time for pointy objects, liquid over 3oz, and anything that will draw attention to your bags.. TSA get bored and look for ” things to do”. Lol.
Another nice travel aid is a water bottle with a built in filter! So you can bring it empty then fill it up in the airport fountain. Then you are not spending 5 bucks for a bottle of water!
For travel snacks, see my previous blogs…
Make sure you packed headphones, and your entertainment of choice. I think iPads are great for reading, writing, work, games, movies, etc. All in one!
Hmmm, have I forgot anything?
Well, that is what comments are for I guess… Feel free to write me for your specific questions and for more stress free flying tips!
Fly safe!,,,

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