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New adventures

Wow it’s been too long since I blogged..
But this one is well worth the wait… I hope!
several months ago I was browsing through random job postings pertaining to travel, on ” linked in” website.. You know, we all like to keep our options open don’t we? Anyway, I saw one that seemed.. Ummmm.. Interesting.. It was not a flying position, it was coordinating VIP travel on the ground…I looked at it for a while, then exited the site and went on with my day… A few days later I looked it back up ( at the time I could not tell you why). For the hell of it, I sent my resume in..
It was right before the busy holiday season when I started flying more than I was walking…
One week, I was on a trip in Asia and saw an email from them job posting I had sent my resume to. It was asking me to call in to schedule an interview….I panicked a little, and then chose to ignore the email. A week later, I was contacted by the person who posted the position. It was by phone so I was caught off guard. Somehow I agreed to come in the following week for an interview. I was thinking to myself: ” what are you doing? You love flying, why would u consider this?”.. And I couldn’t really answer..
I went to the scheduled interview and found out the position entailed planning all travel related needs for the film production companies. I would book planes, hotels, car services and anything else needed for cast/ crew during filming. I would 9-5 at an office, Monday – Friday .. Which I have never done in my life! I asked specifically,” why do you want to hire ME for this position”? The answer was that due to my experience with high profile/ VIP service , what I lacked in computer related skills, I made up for tremendously in customer service…
I told the interviewer I had to think about it. Which I did for weeks.. I eventually turned down the position because I was scared to death of leaving the skies.
Two months later, I was still thinking about the job. Was I ready to find something on the ground? Was I tired of all the travel in the last 12 years..? Maybe because I had just spend two months going back and forth to Asia, not sleeping, and dealing with non stop jet lag…or maybe it was also a feeling of finally wanting to go home at the end of a day and possibly settling down and having a family…
so, I took a shot and emailed the person that had emailed me and asked if there where another openings.. He said the person they hired for that position after I turned it down, Did Not work out and he was happy I reached out.. was it meant to be? like everything in life..maybe this too was happening for a reason..
End result. I took the job, and two months later I am still there… Do i crave a trip to go on? Yes, every other day.. But am I happy with my decision? I believe iam…
I love to travel, I love to see the world, and I love escaping to places I have never been.. And I know i will always need to get away from time to time.. But I have seen more of the world than I ever dreamed of.. I have had experiences that have changed me and that will stay in my mind for ever…
Now, I welcome new experiences.. The ones that happen on the ground 🙂
And yes, I will continue to blog travel, my new job, and my life.. So stay tuned and keep following me 🙂
Cobblestones and heels xo



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