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Hotel corner

I recently decided to take a mini vacation in San Diego, CA. You see, even when iam not traveling for work.. I feel the need to go somewhere… Even if I have been there before ( many times before ). It’s a sense of escape and fresh surroundings that I crave.. it’s also the ‘hotel experience.’
I love the maid service, room service, and a phone next to my bed in which I can use to request just about anything … I love someone else making my bed everyday, and restocking my mini bar of bottled water and yummy snacks! And i even love the bathroom toiletries that are constantly replenished, ( which also make great gifts and stocking stuffers at Christmas time). πŸ˜‰
I know that all sounds a bit high maintenance but it’s just something I have grown to love in my life…Its funny, many people ask me- “don’t you hate living out of a suitcase and staying in hotels all the time?”. And iam like, “Are you kidding?? I love it!”.
So, having said that, I have decided to add specific hotel segment to my blog.. I will add a new hotel experience/ review on a normal basis. As with my other blogs, I hope you find these entries both entertaining and informative… And as usual, I encourage you to comment or request info any time you would like πŸ˜‰

Hotel Del Coronado



VIP Fruit Tray

Many people ask me if I actually cook on the plane for people. The answer is- Sometimes… Most of the time I re-plate and garnish already prepared food. At times I may finish the cooking process with such things as fillet/ streak on the plane,( and yes the galleys have full ovens and microwaves).
I also often prepare appetizers like fruit trays, cheese and cracker trays, or vegetable cruidtte platters.
A fresh fruit platter is a common centerpiece for parties or for a welcome snack on one of my VIP flights. Fresh fruit is easy to find and prepare and provides a splash of color to any table.
While creating a fruit tray is relatively simple, many fruit platters are not as enticing as they could be. To make a fruit platter that is beautiful and tasty, choose only very fresh and seasonal fruits. Use only firm fruits that are not going to turn color or spoil while left on the tray for a period of time. Arrange your fruits by type, and use the different colors and shapes to create an interesting pattern.
Suggested items:
1 watermelon
1 cantaloupe
2or so bunches seedless grapes
1 pint blueberries
1 container strawberries
8 kiwis
1 fresh pineapple
2 lemons
Large mixing bowl
Sharp knife
Large, circular platter with a lip to catch wondering fruit juice. ( i prefer silver platters).
Next step is Preparing the Fruit:
1.Make sure to Wash all your fruit thoroughly, and dry it off with a paper towel.
2. cut the watermelon and cantaloupe in half. Wrap half of the watermelon in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for another use. Remove the seeds from the cantaloupe, and cut away the rind from both melons.
3.Cut the remaining half of the watermelon and the entire cantaloupe into bite-sized pieces. Place the cut melon pieces in the mixing bowl and toss with the juice from one lemon. This will help keep the melons fresh.
4Cut the large grape bunches into pieces with four to five grapes on each piece. Save any loose grapes to use as a garnish for the tray.
5Peel the kiwis and cut into rounds with the knife. Squeeze the other lemon over the kiwi.
6Cut off the top of the pineapple. With the knife, hollow out the bottom of the pineapple by cutting along the inside of the pineapple rind, leaving a ΒΌ-inch wall. Remove the inner fruit and keep the pineapple bowl to use for the platter. Cut the fruit into bite-size pieces.
Arranging the Platter:
1Place the pineapple rind in the center of the tray. Fill the hollowed-out pineapple with the blueberries.
2Working out from the center, use about half of the watermelon to create a circle of watermelon pieces that mound up around the pineapple centerpiece.
3Arrange the cantaloupe and pineapple pieces in alternating concentric circles around the watermelon until all the cantaloupe and pineapple are used. Form a circle around the last row of cantaloupe or pineapple with the remaining watermelon.
4Stand up the kiwi pieces at an angle between the last two melon circles. Overlap the kiwis slightly, to form a wall. If there are not enough kiwi slices to complete a circle, create three equal sections of kiwis and fill in the spaces with some of the grape bunches.
5Place the whole strawberries around the edge of the platter and tuck some around the pineapple cup in the center. Use the grapes to fill in any gaps.
6Arrange the remaining bunches of grapes so they cascade over the melon pieces. Place any loose grapes around the outer edge with the strawberries.
7Cover the platter with plastic wrap and refrigerate until you are ready to serve.
Tips :
You should Substitute any of the fruits that are in season..Apples and pears are best in the fall, and you can use more citrus fruits during the winter. Use the watermelon rind to create a bowl. Fill the watermelon with pieces of melon and decorate it with a large bunch of grapes.
Lastly, I like to garnish the platter with purple orchards.
Of course your own personal touch an creativity is really what makes your fruit tray special. πŸ™‚
Now you may ask, how does this stay fresh for the clients on the private plane? Well first of all, everything is prepared as close to take off time as possible. It is also kept cold in the FBO or galley cold storage.
I assure you, all food served on these VIP flights is the highest quality and prepping and storage is equal if not better than the finest restaurants you may visit.
Bon appetite πŸ˜‰


Superbowl 2012

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The job….

For all the wonderful experiences travel has brought me, iam eternally grateful..but what I value the most from all my years on the road, is the insight, change and growth I have gained as an individual .
I began working as a flight attendant when I was 23. At this age, I was immature, naive, and lacked self confidence. After college, I was Not sure what I wanted to spend my life doing.. I had a psychology degree but no real passion or drive to pursue a job in my field of study. After some encouragement and persuasion from a friend, I accepted a job as a commercial flight attendant. I knew i loved to travel, enjoyed working with and socializing with the general public, so I figured, “what the hell”.. Not to mention being a free spirit by nature…I looked forward to the idea of gaining some real independence . So, I happily embarked on the lifestyle and career of being a flight attendant. In the beginning, It was a a drastic life change, and a little scary at times. I often felt alone and homesick “on the road”..
At one point, about 5 years into it, I quit. I have fallen in love and wanted to be home every night. I wanted to try out having a “normal” life.. However, After about a year of being on the ground.. I became Antsy.. I had dreams about flying and longed to pack a suitcase , board a plane, and discover a city or place I have never been. So, after long debate with myself, I once again returned to the friendly skies. I left the boyfriend ( whom I dearly loved) and moved across the country to Los Angeles, CA to became a corporate flight attendant. I began working on private jets with High profile clients and serving meals on fine china.. My trips where now mostly international.. Places like paris, brazil, Spain, china, and even an island in the middle of the philiipene sea.. My trips are adventurous, and challenging and educational.. To say the least. But as I mentioned above, they also have become life altering.. I have changed a person in ways that I don’t think I would have if I had stayed on the ground.. Living in the same town, and seeing the same people. Now there are many days that I wonder what it would be like to come home to a family every night and only travel on an annual vacation. But I am a big believer in the theory that everything happens for a reason. And everyone has a path of life that has been carved out for them. Not saying you can’t alter the road or take detours.. But life is a journey and everyone has a different one for a reason. i once heard the lyrics in a Lifehouse song that said-“Everyday is a gift and not a given right”..I agree and try to live my life with those words in mind. Every trip I take, every new city I explore or new person I meet.. Is a learning experience. I gain new insight and become open to new ideas, and possibilities. I have found that I never say never about anything or anyone.. But I also make changes within myself based on these experiences. I don’t wait for the world around me or people in my life to change to fit me.. I change and adapt to fit my surroundings and my community. I don’t believe that I would have become the same person if it wasn’t for the experience of travel. The education of different cultures, the thought provoking things I see and people I watch.
This year alone I have spent months in Asia, experienced Chinese year first hand, attended the Superbowl, met and flew many current political leaders, and attended celebrity events… A year that only people dream of having .. And I have had 7 of them as a corporate flight attendant..
So what is the negative ? Here it goes 😦
I wonder how many years left I have in a profession of youth. Although the east coast is a bit different, the west coast ( where iam based), is highly influenced by Hollywood and superficial attributes…
Traveling also brings physical demands on your body. There are days that iam just exhausted. I have also been told recently by a doctor that my job influences brain function – memory, hormone levels, circulation, just to name a few.
I also know I Savatage personal relationships..and upset my dog( that is not a joke). I see my family less, my friends can’t make real plans with me, and well, I have already written about my career’s impact on my romantic relationships.
And finally, I pay rent for an apartment iam not home to enjoy and pay for a car I don’t drive…
Why am I am openly describing the good and the bad of my career? because it should be public knowledge. Maybe there is someone out there weighing the pros and cons of becoming a corporate flight attedant. maybe people that know me don’t quite understand what my job really entails. Or maybe, I just need to write it down . This is a personal blog after all.
Where am I writing this ? On a plane of course.
See you soon


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