Hotel highlight

Hotel highlight
On a recent trip to Macao in Asia, I had the pleasure of experiencing the Venetian Macao hotel and suites. Now typically on a work trip I reside at a Marriot, renaissance, Hilton, etc. . International trips may add a few more boutique hotels to that list, but it’s not a staple, And typically iam not in a suite room..( sometimes sweet but not suite šŸ™‚ ) ha ha… Iam probably the only one laughing at that..
Ummm ok, where was I.. Yes, The Venetian! if any of you are familiar with the one in Las Vegas, you know it’s a pretty nice establishment. The hotel is impeccably decorated, filled with amazing restaurants and all the high end shopping stores..
The Venetian in Macao is the same standard of quality but with an extra kick. First, it’s huge! So huge in fact that on checking in, you receive a complimentary map that is the size of a small book.. And since no one here really speaks English, it’s a must to have one ( and not loose it!)
It has a full casino as well as major shopping ( everything from Versace to Tiffany’s) and what seems like a million restaurants’ clubs , and bars. It’s like a mini city! My days were filled of sight seeing and people watching, and my evenings of eating and shopping! Never moments of boredom or feeling like I was a prisoner of my hotel.
Then, rooms are all suites with a marble foray, full sitting rooms, enormous bathrooms with both a rain shower and full size soaking tub and stocked with all the amenities you could possibly need or want to take home as a souvenir :-). The beds are royal king size and soo comfortable! A packed mini bar, complimentary selection of teas and coffee, and a full business center! My window view looks out over a secured golf course and statuesque pools.
I will also add that the customer service ( ie room service and cleaning service) was also above exceptional. I even received free water bottle service all day!
Now this, is MY kind of hotel!
Now, you know iam gonna have some criticism… Wait for it…. Here it is…while the size of this hotel is brag worthy, it is also intimidating and so hard to maneuver around..
For example, I arrived at about 8:30 local time after traveling 16 hours by plane. Iam tired and a little out of it, so i just want to go to my room, shower and go to bed. What a nice thought.. Unfortunately, it took me about 25 minutes to find my room.. Which is at the other end of the hotel, in the north tower, on one of the top floors. I knew the plan was to meet my crew at a specific pub for a night cap but the thought of trying to find it now was out of the question for me…after a few hours of trying To sleep, I decide to go to the gym. I remember someone mentioning it was on the “8 th floor near the south tower”.. I exit my room and back track ( from then night before ), to the elevator. I take the long ride down to the main casino floor and then start looking around for someone that can point the way for me.. (Since maps and I are not typically friends). Unfortunately, All the people with uniforms on that state they are employees, do not speak any English.. even after trying to mime the act of lifting weights, they still have no idea what i need. One hands me another silly map.. So I begin to wonder.. And wander.. walking in circles, traveling up and down escalators and elevators until, finally I see a sign that says GYM..ahhhh, another 20 min of my life I will never get back, but alas I found my destination and got a good pre workout in . And later, on the return to my room, another post workout- workout on the backtrack…Yes, while a big, pretty hotel can be a nice change from the mundane, it can definitely make simple tasks difficult.
However, all in all, it was a nice stay for 5 days with plenty of entertainment in the” mini city ” limits of the Venetian Macao hotel and casino.




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