My favorite tips on traveling and eating!

The best travel snacks to keep you healthy and energized.
As a flight attendant, I have grown accustomed to quick mini meals on the go. Although I am surrounded by great catering for my clients, I don’t have a lot of time to eat since iam spending the majority of every flight actually working. Private jet flight attendants/ cabin servers, do not have the luxury of pushing a cart a few times then sitting on a jump seat and reading a magazine..( No offense to my fellow commercial attendants.. I use to be one.)
I usually eat preflight and after a flight when iam at my hotel. So what do I do during a 12 hour flight over seas? I don’t eat…. Kidding. I eat quick things like fruit, protein bars, trail mix and drink lots of water and tea.
And after years of doing this, I have researched the healthiest bars, the best way to keep fruit fresh, the best combo of trail mix, etc all while avoiding weight gain or unhealthy drops in sugar level. These tips and suggestions are great for not only flight attendants but also for anyone traveling that dont want to eat processed food on the plane or gross fast food in an airport. There are times where you have those long delays and can settle into a restaurant in the terminal, but most people find themselves running to make connections or stuck on a plane for an uncomfortable extended length of time.
Ok, ready?
First I will start with ” protein bars” ;
1. ‘Organic food bar’ sold at whole foods. It’s gf, gmo free, certified organic, and actually tastes really good. Some of the bars have more protein than others so you can choose what fits your dietary needs.
2. ‘Greens super food’ bar. I find them at trader joes and whole foods. Also gf, high in protein, and organic. Love the peanut butter and chocolate ones!
3. Zone and Balance bars follow the famous zone diet, and the 40/30/30 plan. Great flavors too.
4. ‘Bora Bora’ bars( fruit and nut), also organic and have no artificial preservatives added.
For trail mix I look for the organic,low salt or sea salted nuts with dried cranberries and blueberries. No, not the ones with m&ms! And too much sodium is bad so I do suggest looking for unsalted..
When travels with fruit, wrap them in aluminum foil to keep them fresh. this also stops bananas from turning brown! Apples, bananas, oranges are the best to travel with.
Other food travel ideas are the hummus dips that come in a ready to eat package. “wild garden” makes a great one. Again no preservatives and is also gf.. And the small bags of carrot and celery are easy to travel with and go great with the hummus.
Additional travel tips of mine:
coconut water for long flights. I have been using this for exercise and very long flights for dehydration.
It is recommended that you drink 8 oz of water for every hour you are in flight. this is to replace what you have lost. So add a few more glasses for hydration.
Watch the alcohol consumption! For every one drink on a plane, it affects you twice as much due to the altitude. Trust me on this…As much as you wanna party in the air on your way to Vegas or fall asleep faster, too much alcohol can back fire up there.
Also check out these websites; ( this one will tell you what can and can’t be brought through TSA)

Ok, I hope this was helpful and please feel free to email or comment, if you want any additional ideas for traveling and eating!



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