Home sweet Hotel….

Hotel sweet home..
After 11 years of flying/ professional travel, you could definitely say I have become a hotel conisour . There are of the ones I could live in, the ones that I frequent the most, and the ones that make me feel I would rather stay under a bridge than stay in again! I will say, that I have grown fond of room service, maid service, and wake up calls. Sure, I miss my own bed sometimes, and my dog snoring at my feet, but for the most part, I really enjoy my hotel stays…
When traveling for work, I like to make sure my hotel has the following criteria. One, a gym/ health club. Two, close proximity to restaurants, stores, cares, etc. Three, 4 or 5 star rating. And four, wireless that I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for. I want to be as comfortable as possible. I also like to get out and see the culture, and not have to rent a car, or take public transportation to see it. Added plus, vip lounges, suites, and feather beds! Remember, unlike commercial crew, we stay at our clients destination for days on end. Hotels are not just a place for us to rest for a night, they truly become our home.
So of course I have some hotel pet peeves. One, the operation of certain elevators can piss me off. i.e., I was in a Marriot last night with the most annoying elevator! First, as you stepped into you had to immediately put you card in the slot in order to select you floor- that is pretty standard but in this particular one, if you didn’t do it fast enough, it took you were ever it wanted to go. Every single floor on the way up or down required the stupid card and you had a time limit of like 2 seconds. The card itself actually knew what floor you were suppose to be on and tried to restrict your movement to other floors! It was ridiculous. And if you were on with other people, it was a freaking race…. If I was not on the 23 rd floor, I would have started taking the stairs..
Two, there should always be a helpful concierge service. Not only do I rely on them sometimes to help me with catering and finding the best restaurants, I also feel it’s important for everyone to be able to utilize this service when traveling to cities and countries they have never been. It’s hard to know where to go for food, entertainment, etc in a place that is foreign to you. Nothing pisses me off more than a hotel without this service or helpful people that work there… After all, it’s called the hospitality industry!
I also want to add a few good safety tips for your stay.
For security and safety reasons, it is said in my work community to do the following; book a room at the back side of the hotel ( in case of bombing), stay lower than the 5 th floor, because the ladders won’t help you any higher, exchange keys with another guest you are staying with and never say out loud your room number. upon entering your room, turn all lights on, leave the door open as you look in the shower, under the bed, behind curtains, and in closets for possible attackers….not kidding. It’s also helpful to grab a card at the front desk when you go anywhere so you know how to get back!
Speaking of security at hotels, Not too long ago I was working a trip to Nigeria…not one of my favorite destinations mind you, but of course I did not have a choice. The Hotel we stayed in was secured behind a giant wall with barbed wire, and armed guards outside. I was still a nervous reck the whole time I was there… Maybe it was because of the travel advisories I read prior to going or the fact that my windows had bars on them… And it could have been because the power kept going out and I would find my self in a dark room or hallway periodically… Hmmmm… Not sure why I didn’t feel safe!
On the more positive side, I do have some favorite hotels to share with you;
The Nulligean in Montreal. Canada- located in old town Montreal, this hotel is on a cobblestone street, and is beautiful inside and out. It is close to boutique shopping and a few great French restaurants.
Beaux Rivage in Nice, France- centrally located, close to beach, and sweet French rooms.
W hotel in NYC- fun modern decor, great gym, and fun bar.
Westin groups- full service hotels with great concierge services
Renaissance Hotel downtown Toronto, Canada- actually attached to the baseball stadium and you can watch live games from your room!
Renaissance Arc de trop he Paris, France.- love this place. Awesome modern decor, located steps away from the arc de trop he, and has a cool bar at night.
On a normal basis I find my self racking up the points at Marriot, but I do get the extreme pleasure of mixing it up a bit from time to time. :).
So one occupational hazard, when iam actually home, it never fails that I will wake up some mornings, not sure where iam, and try to order room service!
Feel free to contact me if you need any hotel or travel info!



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