Vegas Baby

What does one think of when they imagine the perfect place for a 21st birthday celebration? VEGAS BABY!!! clubs where you can party like a rockstar with your buddies, drink legally for the first time, and possibly a strip club or two…? Ok, that sounds fun (Besides the pat downs and full body scans at a crowded public airport)..
BUT, what about a private jet with 14 of your best friends, suites at the best hotel on the strip, and VIP tables at every club in town….now THAT would be amazing….and was, for a Very lucky young man this weekend.
I arrived at my office, ( today a GIV), at approx 8am to start my day. As iam prepping the plane, my catering order arrives, accompanied with a delivery of more alcohol than I would probably drink in my lifetime and then some. Coolers and coolers of beer, and boxes and boxes of grey goose and mixers are placed in the cargo compartment of my plane. My first sarcastic thought is; did Vegas run out of alcohol and hired us to deliver more? And my second thought; is it too late to get out of this trip!
Next comes enough food to feed three baseball teams.. As a reminder, this is a gulf stream not a BBJ or 747. This is where my job gets interesting…where the hell am I going to put this stuff? Because it is my job to figure that out and make it happen…and finally, i do.
Ok it’s now about 9:40 and iam awaiting the Arrival of my pax ( what we call passengers). Basically, its the calm before the storm.
The secured gate opens up, and a caravan of private suv -looking limos arrive. Now this display iam use to, But it’s the clientele that is a little different today.
As I take my welcoming position at the bottom of the jet stairs, a line of 13 twenty-one year old boys, and 2 adult men, begin walking towards me..One by one they file on the jet followed by short brunette girl, who stops in front of me and says; ” hi, iam Jane*’ the entertainment”… No JOKE. she enters the plane and takes off her sweat pants to reveal hot pants, fish net stockings,stiletto heels, and No TOP. Naturally, the boys start cheering.
Now iam thinking “what the f- am I in for?”.. I shake off my pessimistic thoughts and follow the crowd on board.
I make one simple announcement.. ” welcome aboard, my name is Kathryn and iam here for your safety and make sure you have an outstanding flight. And, I have one rule for you today… Just be in a seat for takeoff and landing, that it”.. They all smile at me and nod.
As we taxi out to the runway, Iam thinking, “ok, in 5hours, it will be over”…. so let the games begin.
Now, iam sure all of you have seen the hangover right? the idea that the movie never shows what happens until The pictures in the credits? Ok. Pretend you are watching that movie, because I can not tell you the details of what happened, I can’t tell you who was on board, nor can I show pictures.. But what I can tell you Is that I witnessed the Drai’s Vegas after party at 45 thousand feet and possibly the the makings of The Hangover part 3!


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Corporate flight attendant / travel coordinator Southern, CA. Originally from NY. but since home is where the heart is, mine is truly in the whole world. My favorite song and one i would dedicate to all my readers is: "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts"

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