The private flight Attendant flys commercial..

So like everyone one else, at times i have to take a normal commercial airliner somewhere. This morning, iam air-lining to florida to begin my work trip tomorrow. Repositioning is what they call it… I call it torture.
The only enjoyment I actually get from this experience is watching human behavior in the airport and on the plane (applying my useless psychology degree to analyze people). First, may I give props to Virgin America. First time flying them and iam impressed from the beginning. Employees are actually helpful and happy….wow,what a concept. Also the fun music at the checking counter is aiding my wake up At 7am this morning.
Besides southwest, this is the first time I have seen commercial airline crew and employees actually smile or be courteous in years. In private aviation, you would not last one day on the job without a smile on your face and the willingness to do everything in your power to make a passenger happy. I would love to put certain commercial airline employees in a private jet for one day and watch the show….
Back to the human race in general, it always amazes me how normal intelligent people can become so brainless when traveling. I mean, I know they function in the real world- hold jobs, pay bills, drive, etc…but something happens to their brains once they arrive at an airport. Following directions becomes scientific and having manners is apparently a challenge. Maybe people need traveling/ flying manuals issued to them for studying purposes prior to their departure date. Apparently everyone has forgotten what they learned in kindergarten about standing in lines, patience, and flowing directions..
Another idea, issue a test along with the manual and if they can’t pass it, they can’t enter a public airport…
A huge pet pieve of mine is also Children…. Actually the parents of these children.
NEWS FLASH- not everyone loves or is entertained by children… Or wants to become babysitters in the airport, be tortured with a child’s mindless chatter, shrieking voices, and sticky hands touching your luggage and belongings.
On the positive side, I did witness a random act of kindness this morning when a woman helped a fellow elderly passenger carry Her bags in the terminal…that was nice to see and reminded me that nice people do still exist.
Once on the plane, I was again impressed by Virgins product and service…despite the fact that (due to Murphy’s law), i had a child sitting behind me, Kicking my seat, and shrieking….Thank God for headphones and wine.
Finally after 5 hours of confinement,I arrive at my destination, And head to my hotel.
I actually enjoy hotels. Maybe it’s due to the fact I have been basically living in them for 11 years. Or, the fact that I don’t have to make my bed, clean up after myself, i can order meals and alcohol from my bed, and of course no shrieking children will be there..
Its also a time I can focus on myself. I can get a work out in, rest, and prepare for the start of my trip tomorrow…
Please tune in to read those details in my next blog.

Preview : A flight to las Vegas, with 16 wealthy young adults (for a 21st birthday), and a dancer!


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Corporate flight attendant / travel coordinator Southern, CA. Originally from NY. but since home is where the heart is, mine is truly in the whole world. My favorite song and one i would dedicate to all my readers is: "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts"

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