Pre trip prep

So after having a few days of freedom, iam notified of a trip assignment. This is when my impatience usually sets in. I want to know: who, where, when, and the infamous catering orders, ASAP! Of course trying to get that information immediately is near impossible. The charter departments take their sweet time with information for a variety of reasons….so. I wait.
Mean while, I prepare myself with packing, weather reports, and of course arranging doggie day care for my cavalier king Charles spaniel. excursions to the dry cleaners, grocery store, and making sure bills are paid, are personal per preparation details as well.
I also notify friends and family so iam not stalked with texts, emails and phone calls while traveling. I love my family, don’t get me wrong, but phone calls in the middle of the night a because people don’t get that you are on the other side of the country or world are not fun…MOM! I usually have a few plans to break as well.
Once iam slowly leaked information for my trip, or receive a “trip sheet”‘ I make my plan of action. I plan for each individual lead passenger differently, and in many ways. First, there is the extensive catering: where to get it, quantity, and a time frame of delivery or pick up. Second, I mentally prepare for the passengers personality and characteristics. The picky, isolator, needy, bitchy, overly flirtatious, or the ego maniac. Yes, I label them and had to teach myself how to appropriately deal with each one. Reading people is a skill. And in this job, you must be good at it to survive.
After all the above is complete, I can then breathe a little and wait til show time….
Which in this case is 48 hours…stay tuned… It will be interesting 🙂


About cobblestonesandheels1

Corporate flight attendant / travel coordinator Southern, CA. Originally from NY. but since home is where the heart is, mine is truly in the whole world. My favorite song and one i would dedicate to all my readers is: "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts"

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  1. I love love love the pup! Sweet girl! Congrats on starting the new blog, and I’m pretty sure you can handle any personality type! Can’t wait to read more!

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